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Trade Show & Events

Trade Show & Events

Boost event marketing with captivating displays and impactful giveaways from our Trade Show & Events collection.
Drinkware & Can Coolers

Drinkware & Can Coolers

Quench branding thirst with stylish Drinkware & Can Coolers. Customize for lasting impressions with every sip.
Tote Bags & Bags

Tote Bags & Bags

Elevate your brand on the move with our Tote Bags & Bags collection. Practical and stylish options for effective logo showcasing


Light up your brand with captivating Neon and LED signs from our Signs collection. Make a bold statement and enhance brand visibility.
Wedding & Parties

Wedding & Parties

Make your Weddings & Parties unforgettable with our custom Napkins, Coasters, Neon Signs, Shot Glasses, and Tote Bags. Personalize your celebration with our custom products!
Outdoor & Leisure

Outdoor & Leisure

Promote your brand with custom Outdoor & Leisure products. Impress customers with personalized giveaways.


Add fun to your brand with custom Novelties. Impress customers with personalized Ribbons, Pins, Coins, Patches, and Wallets.

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You have a problem. We find the solution. Custom Promo Now offers 24/7 support so there’s always somebody on the other end of the phone or our “Live Chat” to help you with issues.

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There’s no point in saving money on bulk orders of custom promotional items if you get stung on the backend by massive shipping costs. That doesn’t happen with Custom Promo Now. We offer free (and fast) shipping on all of your items.

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It’s simple – use the promo code “SAVE10” when placing your order and we’ll give you 10% off your custom promotional products. Combine that with the discount we offer for bulk orders and you can save hundreds of dollars with us.


How Does It Work

Custom Promo Now makes getting your promo items easy:

  • Start with the easy part – choose the product you want to turn into a promotional item
  • Handle the specifics, such as the materials used and the shape of the item (many come in various shapes).
  • Upload your artwork via our online portal and send any extra instructions you have.
  • Check your proof and approve it so we can move into production.
  • Sit back, relax, and wait for your custom promotional items to land on your doorstep.

It’s quick, easy, and results in you getting amazing promo items!


Embroidered Patches - This is a picture of the Patch I have created and purchased from you so we can feature it on our site gallery and give me a rebate on a next purchase
Adjustable Stand Banner - Our Annual End of the Year Celebration Not all of the team was present for the photo
Custom Neon Sign - Better view of the sign in the lobby of orthodontic office
Embroidered Patches - DayZero BootCamp is a veteran owned fitness program geared towards helping everyone achieve their mental and physical health through team military-style and competition exercises
Printed Patches - amazing quality
Zipper Plastic Bag - Just perfectPerfect size print and styleThanks for the amazing work


Take an everyday product, add your logo and branding, and what do you get?

A promotional item.

And that explains what custom promotional items usually are. They’re products that people use every day onto which you add your branding so the product becomes constant advertising for your business. Every use reminds the owner of you and what you do, as well as showcasing your brand to anybody who happens to see the owner using the product.
We touched on a couple of the benefits of promotional items with logo designs when talking about what these products are – they’re constantly advertising you to the people who use them and anybody who sees them.

But they’re so much more than that:

Unique promotional items get more business for your company.

Beyond the fact that 88% of the people who receive promo items can recall the name of the company on the items, an enormous 85% say they’ve bought from a company as a result of receiving a promotional item. More promo products mean more sales (and more brand awareness) for your business.
Almost anything you can think of!

We have 26 custom promotional products in our collection, ranging from phone wallets and bottle openers to hats and even towels! We also offer branded products, such as tablecloths and neon light signs, that you can use to draw attention during promo events and trade shows.
Think about who your target audience is and what they’re likely to use.

For instance, if your audience is full of tech whizzes who do everything by computer, branded pens may not be a great choice – they’ll never use them. But phone wallets? Now there’s a product that matches the audience’s needs because they all have phones so they’ll use the wallet and get a constant reminder of you every time.

So, that’s the secret – if you think your audience will use your custom promotional items, then they’re items you should make available.
Custom Promo Now has a simple process for applying your artwork to your products – you send us the artwork and we place it on your product. There are steps in between, of course. For instance, we send you a proof image of what the product will look like before we move into production. Once you give that proof the okay, we handle the rest.
There are!

Starting with the types of promotional products we offer, you can get budget items like coasters, patches, and even bottle openers – small products that don’t cost much yet are still effective branding tools.

We also offer discounts on bulk orders, with orders over 2,000 items often netting you custom promotional items that you can sell for pounds despite getting them for pennies.
Unique promotional items are great for trade shows and events for one big reason – memorability.

Think about what the average consumer is dealing with in a trade show. They’re spending the day bouncing from booth to booth, getting bombarded with information in the process. Your promotional item gives them something tangible to remember your brand by. And if it’s an item that’s useful to them, they’re going to use it every day, and get reminded of you, your brand, and what you do every single time.
You can, both as giveaway items and to sell at the fundraiser.

Many companies use promotional items like lanyards and wristbands as cost-effective freebies that fundraiser attendees can wear to raise awareness. Then, there are the larger items for which you can charge – think tote bags and t-shirts. They raise awareness, too, with the bonus of generating some money for your chosen charity.


This is what some of our clients think about our products

We recently used a pop-up trade show display for our company's booth, and it was a game-changer. The setup was a breeze, and the vibrant graphics on the display really caught the eye of attendees. It's highly portable and durable, making it a perfect choice for frequent trade show exhibitors. - Laura Taylor
Tradeshow Today provided us with a fantastic booth solution for our tradeshow. The customization options allowed us to showcase our brand effectively. Overall, a great investment. - Mara Racca
The Setup Instructions was easy to understand and clear. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. - Mee Stroope
Ease of assembly and disassembly was a huge plus, saving us time and effort. The Setup Instructions was easy to understand and clear. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for future events. - Mignon Midkiff

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