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Face Towels

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15" x 25" $49.95 $25.75 $17.68 $11.22 $8.98 $6.70 $4.69
20" x 20" $51.44 $26.52 $18.22 $11.57 $9.25 $6.97 $4.88
16" x 27" $53.00 $27.31 $18.75 $11.91 $9.52 $7.24 $5.08
16" x 30" $54.58 $28.13 $19.32 $12.26 $9.81 $7.53 $5.27

Our Face Towel is made to be soft and durable so that it can be added to any household. This towel absorbs water quickly which makes it dry the skin faster than the other towels.

In Custom Towel, we offer a lot of color choices and you can choose the color that suits you and your family. Not just that, you can email us an artwork that you want for your Customized towels.

These Face towels are a great idea for souvenirs, giveaways, birthday presents, or any occasion that you like.

Face Towel needs to be soft to the face because the first impression is everything even in towels.

The easiest way to make a payment is by clicking the Proof Approval Link. Once you approve the proof, the system will route you to our payment page. You can also call or chat with our friendly customer service associate to assist you with the payment.
No bank information is required. The order can be canceled should the proof failed to meet your standards. Please note that we will do every attempt to keep the order by revising the proof until you are satisfied. If still doesn’t work, we can proceed with the cancellation.
Pay Later option will allow you to checkout without payment and no obligation to order. The system will not ask you to enter any bank account information as you checkout. All orders under this option are considered priority orders in which the proof will be sent to you within 30 minutes after the order was placed. Our designers are ready to modify the proof as much as you want until we hit the mark of your desired design. You have an option to cancel the order under a pay later option if you didn't like the proof.
You will be notified via email once the order is shipped so you can easily track it.
It would be better if your artwork is ready at the time that you are placing the order. However, you may also upload your artwork after you order as well by emailing us. The Subject of the email would be, Artwork: Order ######
Of course! You can Live Chat with one of our employees or call Customer Service at <> or phone us at <> to obtain help with your order.
We have plenty of reasons why customers opted to have us to produce their orders. We have rapid production time, rich in experience and professional business, experienced and friendly customer service, the cheapest price you can find on the internet, and strong after-sales service, ensuring the rights of the customers.
If there is a production error we will redo the pad without any questions asked.
Of course, you can. Following are the ways you can place your order: 1. Online 2. On the phone 3. On chat 4. Via email
Yes! We keep your artwork on file to make reordering and using your art on other products simple and easy!
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    Face Towels - Custom Promo Now - CA

Step 1 Select Towels Style

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Face Towels - Custom Promo Now - CA

Face Towels

Rally Towels - Custom Promo Now - CA

Rally Towels

Golf Towels - Custom Promo Now - CA

Golf Towels

Hand Towels - Custom Promo Now - CA

Hand Towels

Bathroom Towels - Custom Promo Now - CA

Bathroom Towels

Beach Towels - Custom Promo Now - CA

Beach Towels

Fitness/ Gym Towels - Custom Promo Now - CA

Fitness/ Gym Towels

Cooling Towels - Custom Promo Now - CA

Cooling Towels


Step 2 Select Towel Size

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15" x 25"
15" x 25" - Custom Promo Now - CA
20" x 20"
20" x 20" - Custom Promo Now - CA
16" x 27"
16" x 27" - Custom Promo Now - CA
16" x 30"
16" x 30" - Custom Promo Now - CA

Step 3 Select Towel Material

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100% polyester-400g
100% polyester-400g - Custom Promo Now - CA
Cool Butterfly Mesh-160g
Cool Butterfly Mesh-160g - Custom Promo Now - CA
Double Sided Velvet-200g
Double Sided Velvet-200g - Custom Promo Now - CA
Warp Knitted Polyester Cotton-400g
Warp Knitted Polyester Cotton-400g - Custom Promo Now - CA
Fine Knitted Polyester-400g
Fine Knitted Polyester-400g - Custom Promo Now - CA
Soft Waffle Fabric-400g
Soft Waffle Fabric-400g - Custom Promo Now - CA

Step 4 Select Printed Sides

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Single Side
Both Embroidery and Imprint  is available - Custom Promo Now - CA

Step 5 Select Accessories

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None - Custom Promo Now - CA
Hooks & Grommets
Hooks & Grommets - Custom Promo Now - CA
Elastic Band
Elastic Band - Custom Promo Now - CA
Hanging Loop
Hanging Loop - Custom Promo Now - CA
Hanging Loop & Clasp
Hanging Loop & Clasp - Custom Promo Now - CA
Zipper - Custom Promo Now - CA

Step 6 Select Packaging Preference

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Individual Plastic bag
Individual Plastic bag - Custom Promo Now - CA
Zipper Bag Package
Zipper Bag Package - Custom Promo Now - CA

Step 7 Customize Your Towels

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At least 1 artwork file required with selection with Upload My ArtWork.
Preferred File Type for Better Quality Product: AI, EPS, PSD, PDF

Please select Towel color.
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Face Towels

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